Diseaseless Program Review – Stretching – Why Should I?

One of the biggest advantages of growing you have to increase the length of both your muscles and tendons. This leads to an increased range of movement, which means your limbs and joints can move in before further damage occurs. Let’s look at a few examples.

If the muscles in your neck are tight and stiff this limits your ability to look behind or turn your head around. If for some reason your head is turned backwards, past its’ normal range of movement, with a football scrum or tackle for example, this may result in a muscle tear or strain. Diseaseless Program to Control Diseases

You can help to prevent this from happening by increasing the flexibility and range of movement, of the muscles and tendons in your neck.

And what about the muscles in the back of your legs? The hamstring muscles. muscles will be put under great strain when doing any kind of sport which involves running and especially for the sports which require kicking. You can Also Contact us.

Short, tight hamstring muscles spell disaster for many sports people. Through ensuring that the muscles loose and flexible, you’ll cut your chance of a hamstring injury dramatically.

How else can stretching help? While injuries can occur at any time, they are more likely to occur when the muscles are fatigued, tight and depleted of energy. tired, tight muscles are also less capable of performing the skills required for your particular sport or activity.


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