Disease less Review – Prevention of HCV

Do not share needles or any other drug paraphernalia, razors, toothbrushes; nail clipper, nail files, or anything else that may contain blood.

Ensure that the instruments for tattooing, body piercing, and acupuncture are properly sterilized; Most doctors today are using the needle after use is thrown away.

The cuts and wounds should be covered. Although somewhat rare transmission through intercourse, you can reduce the risk by practicing safer sex, including using condoms and barriers. Disease less Scam

Correlated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if a person only your partner does not need to change the behaviors more to sex, although the pair should discuss safer sex options if you.

One concern them about the infection, if the woman has HCV
Proper dental hygiene can bleeding gums, another possible way of infection or transmission.

Tell your doctor, dentist, and other healthcare professionals if you have HCV. Should healthcare workers to perform the overall standard precautions when dealing with blood. V

If you are a woman with HCV, talk to your doctor if you are thinking about becoming pregnant.


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