Disease less Scam – When enjoyed Enemy ‘s Stress

What if you always high adrenaline? Remains hard your muscles, fast heartbeat, and high blood pressure and levels of cholesterol, sugar, hormone, and other chemicals in the blood.

Not bad if you increase the level of this sometimes sudden situation, especially in moments. But if you always like this, soon will harm non-essential elements of your body. The result?

Possibly injure your back, head, neck, and muscles. According to doctors, the symptoms are usually associated with a lasting stress.
This stress can affect the creativity and productivity of one, as he had in vivacity and relationships with others.

It also can lead to Irritable bowel syndrome, esophageal spasm, and diarrhea. It can also cause or worsen serious diseases, such as stroke, heart attack, kidney destruction, heart disease, and diabetes.
“When the stress lasts, much cortisol appears,” wrote Van Der Merwe, “therefore, tend to accumulate fat in the stomach and back.” Skin disease, such as eczema and psoriasis, are associated with stress or napapalala. Disease less Review.

Also the extreme stress associated with depression, being more irritable, and fatigue. Due to lasting stress, it is also possible to weaken the memory and concentration, when the immunity system also affected one of enduring stress, easy to become responsive cold, cancer, or other autoimmune disease

Large effect of stress on all aspects of our lives, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, so we need to learn how to control it, but we want to eliminate entirely the reaction of the body to stress. Why not?

We can liken the horse vigorously stress. When spirited horse, mount it delicious. But if it nagwawala and control, it will put our lives. A similar stress, when moderate levels of stress, this Hulk to be happy in life, because it helps us to be creative, productive, energetic, and healthy.

But how can we keep moderate level of stress for us to enjoy life? Next article discusses effective ways how to control stress and our reaction to it.


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